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Japanese Language & Cultural Learning Centre

Welcome to our Japanese Language and Cultural Centre. Our services include offering Japanese Language classes for Sabahans to prepare them for job opportunities in Japan.

If you are interested to get a job in Japan, you will need to achieve minimum level N5 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Come and join us for this program and we will link you directly with reputed employment agencies based in Japan.


Step 1: Register at SIDMA College for enrolling Japanese Language class
Step 2: Attend the language training between 3 to 5 months
Step 3: Take JLPT exam and obtain at least N5 certificate. (N5 certificate is the lowest you need to get before you allowed to work in Japan)
Step 4: Interview session at SIDMA College with representatives from Japan Employment Agency
Step 5: Visa Application (Some companies are known to pay and assist Visa application)
Step 6: Get job confirmation in Japan
Step 7: Purchase Air ticket to Japan
Step 8: Pick up at the airport in Japan and begin work for 2 years contract


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