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International Student

Coming to Sabah, Malaysia to study ?

All international students need a Student Pass (Visa) to study in Malaysia. The Immigration Department of Malaysia issues and regulates the passes. SIDMA College does not have the authority to approve or reject your student pass application.

International Office Function
Facilitates students' admission into SIDMA College
Documentation approval for Immigration Malaysia, Student Pass & Visa.
Provide information and advice to international students on all matters related to student pass and visa.

Contact International Student Officer

Bonaventure Wences
Tel : +6088 732 000 ext : 290
Email : bonaventure@sidma.edu.my

Kerinah Mah
Tel : +6088 732 000 ext : 204
Email : kerinah@sidma.edu.my

Gui Yic Sen
Tel : +6088 732 000 ext : 204
Email : sen@sidma.edu.my