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On 24th August 2022 a program titled ‘Choir Performance for Independence Month’, and ‘Music & Creative Movements Performance’ were executed at SIDMA College’s Atrium from 9.00 a.m. until 11.00 a.m. There were 93 students involved in the choir performance for Independence month, and another 26 students performed for the Music and Creative Movements as part of the requirement of their assignment.

For the Music and Creative Movements subject performance, there were five groups performing for their group assignment that was lectured by Miss Nurayn Kasinin. The students have to fulfill the assignment requirement which is to perform dances, sing and play self-made musical instruments to two children's songs. Every group consists of 5-6 students. Their performance makes the crowd cheer and dance together with the performer creating enjoyable moments.

For the choir, the songs that the students picked were Standing in the Eyes of the World, Sehati Sejiwa, and 1 Malaysia. As the cherry on top of the program, all 93 students performed the song ‘Mantera Semerah Padi’. The finale of the program handled also by Miss Nurayn Kasinin, involves the astonishing showcase of different talents that includes singing, a poem recited in English, Chinese and Kadazan language as well as dances that took the viewer’s breath away. On top of that, the performers were adorned with a unique classic ‘Pario’ and a white top with a black colored hijab for the Muslims which aims to paint the color of our pure traditions and culture.

Overall, music performance is great for student activity because active engagement with music can impact the way that the brain processes information, enhancing the perception of language and speech, and subsequently improving our ability to communicate with others and learn to read (Hallam, 2010; Bokiev, Bokiev, Aralas, Ismail, & Othman, 2018).