SIDMA Welfare Rack to Assist Deprived Students

Dr Morni Hj Kambrie, Chairman and Founder, SIDMA College Sabah, launched SIDMA Charity Rack initiative on 27 August 2018 at SIDMA College Sabah. The Charity Rack Project, an initiative by SIDMA Staff Welfare Association (PKKKSS) is similar to the function of Food Bank, which is basically to provide last resort assistance for the very needy students; particularly food; in order for them to have a meal, and more at least for the day.

Speaking during the soft launching ceremony, Dr Morni announced that the idea of having a Charity Rack at SIDMA College Sabah was initiated by Mr Zain Azrai, Chairman PKKKSS, and his committee members. During their regular meetings and interviews conducted on students to identify deserving students to be awarded the “one-off special aids fund” (also funded by PKKKSS); they found out that there are SIDMA College students who on certain days go without food due to shortage of pocket money, as well as due to other causes. He welcomed such students to visit the Charity Rack and help themselves with some of the stuff that can be consumed by them for the day.

SIDMA Charity Rack initiative is basically a rack filled with daily basic necessities such as rice, salt, sugar, coffee, tea-bags, biscuits, packages of instant noodle (Maggie Mee), canned food such as sardines, and more. The rack is placed at a very strategic corner; in front of the Registrar Office, and is very accessible to the needy students. The area is also under surveillance cameras 24 hours daily, thus avoiding manipulation or misuse of the genuine effort to assist deserving and needy students.

Visiting a charity rack such as this might not be a very joyful experience for students, but if you are the students who really need one of those items provided (particularly food) for the day, you are very welcomed to take it, rather than skipping meals for the day or two.

However, the more number of students accessing to the charity rack could also mean that charity items in the rack will running low on supplies and could even run out before the end of the day. Hence PKKKSS is welcoming any donation of any kind.

Currently, PKKKSS is funding the charity rack operation, and as Dr Morni mentioned that it will be on a trial period for three (3) months. For longer term sustainability, and in order to continue our genuine effort to assist more of our needy students, SIDMA College staff (including lecturers), students and the general public are encouraged and welcomed to contribute monthly either in cash or in kinds, to assist the continuous supply of food or other items to meet the need of our deserving students.


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For more information on the above project, please contact Mr Zain Azrai Bin Mohd Noor, Chairman of PKKKSS at 014 673 7035, 088-732 000; 088-732 020; or email 088-732 019.

By Teo Eng Seng and Zain Azrai,

SIDMA College Sabah,



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