March 2019 SIDMA Staff Gathering

Human Resource Department SIDMA College Sabah organised a staff gathering session to enable Adjunct Prof Dr Morni HJ Kambrie, Founder and Chairman of the college to thank all SIDMA staff for their commitment in fulfilling SIDMA College Goal and Mission, and also to alert them on the challenges ahead faced by all who are involved in the education sector during this demanding time, particularly colleges that are offering similar courses; thus competing for the same target group of students.

The gathering which was held on 29 March 2019 at SIDMA Atrium was attended by Puan Azizah Khalid Merican (CEO), Puan Azlina Ngatimin (Director, Corporate Relations and Business Development), Managers, Heads of Departments as well as lecturers and staff from SIDMA College, Fiona Travels and Tours Sdn Bhd, and Didi Childcare Centre.

Prof Dr Morni congratulated all his staff for their commitment, and their team spirit as well as their collaborative effort to ensure the successful implementation of SIDMA’s College vision and mission.

However, during the current demanding time when more and more private colleges are offering similar courses and targeting similar group of students, succeeding in an environment such as this is often daunting; and as Dr Morni mentioned earlier, year 2019 is not favouring the small and medium enterprises such as SIDMA College Sabah.

According to Dr Morni, finding the “right fit and tools” is important, but challenging. Despite numerous measures that were announced earlier, particularly the adjustment of individual KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), he seek the full cooperation of all to address some of the management issues such as managing budget, training and professional development of staffs, and of course the overseeing and assessment plan. He added that it is very important to get to know our organizational dynamics: such as reporting structures, college resources, decision making systems, as well as identifying offices for future partnerships, collaborations and programmes.

Dr Morni added that the “right fit and tools” are required to be in place prior to the approval and implementation of new academic programmes such as Diploma in Sports Management, Diploma in Innovative Management, Diploma in Islamic Education, Diploma in Information Technology, and more.

Academic administrators and lecturers need to be good at their particular job, including the importance of having the conceptual skills and the motivation competence to manage others. Relating to some of his personal history, he conveyed the importance of “soft skills” development as human relation skills are highly prized no matter what position or level one is in. These include maintaining good student contacts as well as attending to their professional development (including being able to lead students to performance better.)

Similar to other staff gatherings, SIDMA staffs celebrating their birthday in January, February and March 2019 were invited to the “Birthday Cake Candle Blowing” session, amidst the singing of “Happy Birthday” song by all the other staff members.

Lunch was served to all staffs by Mus Kitchen at the end of the gathering. SIDMA College’s Human Resource Department congratulated all the staff for their participation and their openness and readiness to be on board to boost a more productive SIDMA College.

Teo Eng Seng and Zain Azrai,
SIDMA College Sabah,

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