The month of Ramadan 1440 Hijri, the Muslim Holy Month of the year is expected to begin on 06 May 2019 (upon the sighting of the new crescent moon), and Muslims community of SIDMA College joining the Muslims all over the world, will embarked upon a month-long spiritual journey of fasting, offering prayers, self-reflection and charity work beginning 06 May 2019. This is in-line with the Prophet’s teaching that ‘when the month of Ramadan comes, the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of Hell-fire are closed and that the devils are chained (Bukhari & Muslims).

Human Resource Department SIDMA College Sabah organised a staff gathering session to enable Adjunct Prof Dr Morni HJ Kambrie, Founder and Chairman of the college to thank all SIDMA staff for their commitment in fulfilling SIDMA College Goal and Mission, and also to alert them on the challenges ahead faced by all who are involved in the education sector during this demanding time, particularly colleges that are offering similar courses; thus competing for the same target group of students.

SIDMA College Staff from the “Green Lantern Group” kicked off SIDMA College 2019 Staff activities by organising a Staff College Gathering at SIDMA Atrium on 1 February 2019.

Dr Morni Hj. Kambrie (Chairman and Founder of SIDMA College) during his official address to all the staff of the college, congratulated and thanked them earnestly for their commitment and contributions towards the successful implementation of SIDMA College’s vision and mission throughout year 2018.

He particularly congratulated the staff for their team and collaborative effort to ensure the successful implementation of the recently concluded SIDMA College Sabah 5th Convocation Ceremony held at Magellan Sutera Resort Grand Ballroom on 31 January 2019. Dr Morni acknowledged that he received numerous congratulatory notes on the uniqueness and smoothness of the convocation ceremony.

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