Chief Executive Officer, Madam Azizah Khalid Merican on behalf of Dr Morni Hj Kambrie, Founder and Chairman SIDMA College who had to attend another function that he had committed earlier, took her time off to distribute the 2018 Christmas Goodies to SIDMA staff celebrating Christmas on 25 December 2018.

The goodies presentation ceremony which was held at SIDMA College Atrium on 20th December 2018 was organised by SIDMA Staff Welfare Association (PKKKSS) Committee members under the chairmanship of Mr Zain Azrai.

During this auspicious ceremony, Madam Azizah on behalf of the Management of SIDMA College Sabah took the opportunity to wish in advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019 to lecturers, staff, students and friends of SIDMA College Sabah, prior to presenting the Christmas Goodies to the staff.

Staff of SIDMA College received various food and beverages according to their wish list, which include daily necessities such as chicken parts, soft drinks, freshly baked cakes and more.


SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah is strongly committed in instilling the campus with the objective of developing education and training along the whole life; the expression of the will of promoting the highest level of knowledge possible through a wide access to education, or an integrated education, both inside and outside the classroom, thus empowering students to develop a fuller array of competencies, skills and knowledge, and of unleashing their creative potential.

SIDMA College Sabah in its continuous and dynamic efforts to change to be a better organisation and college is in the process of developing a quality management standard so it can be better in terms of managing and controlling its business processes to achieve what ultimately will provide satisfactory product and services to its customers. Due to this, SIDMA College Sabah has considered to become a more effective and efficient organisation by embarking on having its ISO 9001:2015 certification in the very near future. 

Madam Azizah Khalid Merican (CEO) led her team of Managers, Head of Departments and senior staff to attend a two-day ISO 9001:2015 Implementation Training Course at Dreamtel Hotel, Kota Kinabalu on 21-22 November 2018; in order to immerse them fully on the intent of each of the clause and sub-clause of the standard, offering recommendations as well as guidelines on how to be prepared in terms of the development of a quality management system which is expected to be implemented and achieved by the college by year 2020.

Mr Hasfaniezam Abu Hassan, the key trainer of the programme is the best certified trainer for ISO standard in Malaysia particularly on ISO 9001/2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001:2018 and many more. He have shared to SIDMA College his vast experience in creating awareness, training and assisting in the  implementation of  ISO 9001 for a large  number of organisations from both the public and private sectors. He has worked for close to 10 years under SIRIM Berhad/ SIRIM Training Services providing training and consulting services on various ISO certifications and now working in his own company specialising on training and consultancy on ISO standards mentioned.

According to Mr Hasfaniezam, after participating wholly in the two days event, participants have shown their appreciation on the concept of Quality, Quality Management System as well as the ISO 9001:2015. After grasping the whole concept and shown understanding as well as appreciation of the basic requirement of ISO 9001: 2015; they should have better insight on the preparation, documented information, implementation, and certification process of ISO 9001:2015 for SIDMA College Sabah.

Madam Azizah when met after the course, was glad to know that all the key requirement of ISO 9001:2015 being discussed during the meeting such as: the context of SIDMA as an organization; QMS scope; quality policy and objectives, potential risks and opportunities; competence; awareness; documented information; customer communication; reviewing customer requirements; nonconforming outputs, customer satisfaction, internal audit, nonconformity and corrective action as well as management review which are all very relevant and crucial for SIDMA College to continue its effort to live up to its motto, “Champion of Change”

She thanked Mr Hasfaniezam Abu Hassan for the comprehensive sharing and training session and advises all her staff who has attended the session to be ready to support her in quest to obtain the certification of the ISO9001:2015 for SIDMA College. She thanked them for their enthusiasm exhibited throughout the two days training.

SIDMA College Sabah has prospered jubilantly over the years, and rapidly emerged as the first and largest UNITAR regional centre in Malaysia, in addition to having its home grown academic programmes.

Starting from 17th December 2018, we are ready to receive you as our student. The list of Academic Programmes offered at SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah for its 2018 / 2019 intake is as follows:

Foundation Course:

* Foundation in Management:

Diploma Courses:

* Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

* Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health.

* Diploma in Management.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses:

* Bachelor of Education (Hons)

* Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education (Hons)

* Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

* Bachelor of Management (Hons)

Masters Courses:

* Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

* Masters of Education (Education Leadership and Management)

* Masters of Education (Early Childhood Education)

* Masters of Education (TESL)

For more information about courses offered at SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah, please browse SIDMA College Sabah Website, or like SIDMA Facebook Account – SIDMA College. Potential candidates are cordially invited to visit SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah at Jalan Bundusan, 88300 Kota Kinabalu; or call SIDMA Hotline: 088-732 000 or 088-732 020.

For Online Registration, please CLICK HERE.

By Teo Eng Seng and Zain Azrai,

SIDMA College Sabah,


Dr Morni Hj Kambrie (Founder and Chairman) officiated the 3rd 2018 SIDMA College Sabah Staff Gathering by conveying his sincere appreciation and thank you note to all SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah staff and staff of SIDMA subsidiary companies such as Fiona Travel and Tours Sdn Bhd, SIDMA Didi Childcare Centre, Bentleytel (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. The event was organised by staff from the Blue Team at SIDMA Atrium on 12 October 2018.

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