Diploma In Sports Management

MOHE/MQA Code : (MQA/PA 13387)
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Bank Rakyat School of Business And Entrepreneurship (BRSBE)

If you are an avid sports fan or participate in any sport for recreation, the thrill of competition, or just for health benefits, then you may be interested in making a career in sports management. UNIRAZAK has just the right course to get you started. Why not undertake our Diploma in Sports Management? The course is specially designed to provide you with a basic knowledge of sports and recreation management, finance, marketing and sponsorship, and sports tourism, so that you will be exposed to all the business aspects that go on behind the scenes. With the increasing importance of sport on the national and international stage, there are numerous exciting career opportunities for those with relevant qualifications in this emerging global industry. With UNIRAZAK’s Diploma in Sports Management, you can work in any aspect of the industry, such as in sports media, event management, sports retail, fitness and health companies, leisure and recreational organisations, or who knows, even become the personal manager to your favourite sports icon! Join us now for our Diploma in Sports Management and turn your passion for sports into a career.

Career Oppurtunities :
  • Sports Public Relation Manager
  • Sports Agent
  • Sports Event Consultant
  • Sports Education Counselor
  • Sports Management Consultant
  • Fitness Cantre manager
  • Sports Marketing Specialist
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