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Quality Assurance on all programmes and courses


Quality Assurance on all programmes and courses that are offered at SIDMA College Sabah are based on curriculum delivery, development and assessment of students that will be monitored, approved and conducted in accordance to regulations by Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA).


English Enhancement Programme


Relevant steps are taken to improve the students’ mastery of English through English Enhancement Programme, thus preparing them for job requirement. Currently all SIDMA study programmes use English as its medium of instruction.


Enhance level of IT knowledge

Upon registering and continuing their studies with us, our students will be able to enhance/upgrade their level of IT knowledge as SIDMA College is currently equipped with advanced technological infrastructural and facilities.

Hybrid teaching mode

We apply integrated approach that enables holistic learning unmatched by other colleges through the blended teaching and learning mode, a hybrid teaching mode that incorporated the traditional face-to-face interaction with students in the class and the web-based support system such as the UROX and CTEX, both of which are based on the next generation system. SIDMA College prides itself as being one of the first private Institution of higher learning in Sabah to use e-learning in its delivery system.

Career Coaching

Our students benefit from individualised or group coaching sessions to enhance their career development and growth. Students learn what it takes for them to be successful and effective in ensuring career success.





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