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SIDMA College recently received a special visit from 16 members of the Discover Muay Thai (DMT) Academy (Batch 6). The purpose of this visit was to provide them with insights into the learning programs offered by SIDMA College.

This visit was organized as part of SIDMA College's initiative to expose more individuals to quality educational opportunities available at the institution. Members of the Discover Muay Thai (DMT) Academy expressed their interest in enhancing their education while continuing to pursue their passion for Muay Thai.

Here are some notable moments from the visit:

Warm Welcome: The members of the association were warmly welcomed by representatives from SIDMA College. They were given the opportunity to interact with lecturers and academic staff to gain deeper insights into the learning programs offered.

Program Explanation: During the visit, detailed explanations were provided about the programs available at SIDMA College. Association members were exposed to high-quality programs that align with their interests in Muay Thai, with an emphasis on the importance of education in personal development.

Discussion Space: Members of the Discover Muay Thai (DMT) Academy were also given the chance to engage in Q&A sessions and discussions with institutional representatives. They could ask questions about the student admission process, tuition fees, student support, and various other aspects related to studying at SIDMA College.

Campus Facility Tour: Part of the visit included a tour of the campus facilities at SIDMA College. Association members had the opportunity to see the facilities provided by the institution, including the library, computer labs, and sports center that they could utilize.

Collaboration Potential: During the visit, preliminary discussions were held regarding the potential collaboration between the Discover Muay Thai (DMT) Academy and SIDMA College in the form of special education programs or community initiatives that could benefit both parties.

This visit represents a positive step in promoting higher education and connecting the Muay Thai community in Sabah with the learning opportunities available at SIDMA College. It is hoped that this visit will help individuals interested in Muay Thai to combine their passion with ongoing academic advancement.

The 9th Convocation Ceremony of SIDMA College will be held:

Date: 04th November 2023
Day: Saturday
Time: 8.00 a.m - 1.00 p.m
Venue: Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negeri (JKKN) , Sabah
Click Here to visit Official Website 9th Convocation Ceremony of SIDMA College.


In our diverse and inclusive college, students from various cultural backgrounds come together to celebrate and cherish this festival. Two such prominent festivals that has brought joy and unity to our campus is Hari Raya and Kaamatan. This festival was held at the Sidma College Atrium from 9am to 4pm on May 18, 2023. These celebrations not only allowed us to honor our traditional roots but also promote unity, understanding, and friendship among our college community. This festival involved students, lecturers as well as our fellow staffs. Throughout the festival, a variety of activities has been carried out, including Sugandoi competition, lucky draws, candy guessing, performances from each club, and also competition for the most attractive traditional attire among college staffs and students.

Author : Shaezlyn Aleya, MPP SIDMA College.
Editor :  Ms. Audrey

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